Home Ownership and Mortgages – Good News, Bad News


Stats Canada recently reported that home ownership in Canada has increased from 60% of families in 1999 to 63% in 2016. That’s good news for the Canadian economy and most families, but the bad news is the number of families who have paid off their mortgage has decreased from 46% to 43%. During this study period we saw record low interest rates, so in theory we should have had an advantage paying off our mortgages?

I don’t think the rates are the issue, it’s our behavior, and changing our behavior can be very easy and yield great results.

For example, on a $300,000 mortgage, if you switch from monthly payments to accelerated bi-weekly payments (half your monthly payment paid every second Friday) you reduce your mortgage over a 5 year term by an additional $7,492 and take 2.5 years off the life of your mortgage. The best thing about bi-weekly payments is you end up paying 1 extra monthly payment a year, but it’s broken out over 26 payments, so you really don’t notice the difference until you see the massive savings!

I also encourage clients to take advantage of increasing their payments or putting lump sums down when they have a little extra cash, like when you receive your income tax return or annual bonus. A little extra can mean a lot over time, even small amounts compound over time into large savings.

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Daryl French, AMP