Take advantage of good weather to make your home better

With a summer of increased freedom and high temperatures, you may be thinking of outings and exploring instead of your home base. Yet this is an excellent time to tick some important maintenance items off your list. Of course, you need to keep an eye on the air pollution index and wildfires, but it always feels good to get some outstanding projects accomplished while the weather cooperates.

Wood Work

Check over the wood exteriors on your house and in the yard. Examine the deck, wood siding and fences to find any rot or damage and replace boards with fresh ones. An affordable alternative could be head to some local cabinetmakers or other woodworkers to see if they have any scraps you can buy and fit to your needs. Use a pressure washer to deep clean and consider adding a fresh coat or stain or paint where necessary.


Crack Attack

Say no to cracks… in your driveway, sidewalks, or patios. Use some crack seal to fill in the gaps before colder weather comes, as water freezing in cracks will cause them to expand and spread further. Speaking of cooler weather, you will want to seal any cracks and gaps in your windows before they turn into autumn drafts.


Clean-up Time

Clean out eaves troughs and soffits from the gunk and reuse that can build up throughout the year. Remove all trash and debris that settles outside basement windows in the window wells. Clean out and organize the garage by eliminating any junk and selling items that you haven’t used in the past couple of years. Make sure all hazardous items are properly stored such as paint, fertilizer, etc.



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