We are so happy that we listed and bought with Andrew and Marissa Knaack.  When we first met them, they promised us open communication; and that is what we got!  They were in touch immediately with any important updates.   The open communication was just the tip of the iceberg; we also experienced a level of service we have never seen.  They would come to our home (at our request as we have young kids) to make signing documents easier.  They were well researched on what was on the market (including FSBO’s) and kept us current.  Our listing was very professional looking and included professional photos, and we saw many of our flyers taken from the sign in our yard.  We were very happy when our home sold ONE DAY AFTER LISTING for close to list value.  When it was time to purchase, the homes were all good choices that met our criteria and were well researched beforehand.  They also went the extra mile in helping us find our dream home by finding a home that was actually not listed, developing a rapport with the owners (they literally chatted with them for hours in order to make the owners comfortable with them) and talked them down in price from what they had once listed the home for in the past.  The home we purchased was far nicer that the others in our price bracket and assesses for 70k more than we bought it.  They could have limited our choices to what was on the market, but their extra hard work has secured a home for us that meets everything on our criteria and even more!  While I could go on and on about what we liked about them, my overall “gut feeling” on them is what sold me.  I have found that many realtors have an arrogance and rub people the wrong way which can lead to failed business dealings.  They were just the opposite; very humble and friendly yet still firm when negotiating.   My advice is to buy AND sell with the Knaack’s.  That way, you will sell high and buy low like we did!

Shara & Xavier Mendoza