Working with a Mortgage Broker; just like dating!


Banks are declining more mortgage applications than ever, in fact, the borrower rejection rate from mortgage lenders has gone up by as much as 20% since Canada’s banking regulators imposed the stress test for home buyers.

What this means is people need to get their application in front of more than one lender, lenders are human, and just because one person says no, doesn’t mean the next will, just like dating!!

Working with a mortgage broker is like going on a dating website, we show you a number of different options, and you decide which mortgage likes long walks on the beach, and is a good listener!!  You let us know which mortgage you would like to arrange a date with, and we do all the background checks and make all the arrangements.

Don’t let your banks ‘No’ stop you!  Let me help you meet the right mortgage, you have nothing to lose and a lifetime of happiness to gain!

If you want to discuss your personal situation, please let me know.

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